We team up with fanatical builders reimagining how we live and work

Rucker Park is an early stage venture firm.

Exceptional founders bring their ideas to life by building a diverse coalition to help execute their vision. We relish the opportunity to partner with them at the earliest stages and beyond.

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Investment FAQ

What is your investment strategy?

We back founders harnessing technology to modernize the next wave of important yet antiquated domains.  

In our view, the market is at an inflection point for talented operators setting out to build the next generation of transformative businesses. Many new founders today helped shape the iconic technology startups of the last decade, or have skills in lateral markets that are relevant for the new industries they are tackling.

Our mission is to partner with the founders building in domains where we have deep conviction.

Do you focus on specific sectors?

We are generalists by design: we've had the opportunity to deploy capital into a broad array of sectors across various stages of maturity. Our core thematics cover markets across consumer, fintech, health & wellness, transportation & logistics, and tech-enabled services.

How much do you invest?

Our typical investment ranges from $500K to $2M+. Given our high conviction approach, we try to become meaningful partners through sizable participation from our fund's perspective. Recognizing that opportunities don't always fit neatly into our parameters, we will always try to find ways to partner with awesome founders.

Do you have a geographic preference?

We are primarily focused on companies operating in North America, and actively engage with founders across the US. To-date, we have invested in teams based in New York, San Francisco, Boston, and Amsterdam.

When is the right time to meet?

Now! We have backed teams ranging from the earliest stage of business formation to Series A companies with millions in revenues and profitability. We love to build relationships early with founders and find the right time to partner if there's a mutual fit.

What is your investment process?

We endeavor to move quickly and thoughtfully, and typically target wrapping up our process in two to three weeks. Our goal is to be candid and transparent in communicating our thinking, whether we are moving forward or feel we are not a fit. We often co-opt our extended network of founder / operators into our investment process (as well as post our investment).

Our team

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